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Why Does Missouri Have so Many Storms, & What to Do About Them?

Published by SEO on October 25, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Storms and lightning Central Missouri has one of the highest occurrences of severe tornadoes and storms in the entire world.


A quick look at the meteorological and geographical features of the region shows that it is conducive to thunderstorm activity. Major vertical instability in the weather allows severe convection courtesy of the warm, moist air flowing in from the Gulf of Mexico. Combine this with the condensed water vapor at lower levels in the local Missouri air, and you have the perfect recipe for a thunderstorm.

Central Missouri has a unique geographical position that allows it to birth truly big storms. Despite widespread studies on storm activity in the area, it can be challenging to forecast these events – you can never tell if tornadoes, hail, or floods will strike the local neighborhood.

But you’re not entirely helpless; there are steps you can take to protect your home and property from storm damage.

Secure those Shingles

Shingles play an important role in keeping those strong gusts of wind from storms at bay. If even a single shingle is damaged or missing, it will create a gap wide enough for the wind to get in and do massive damage.

If you’re carrying out the installation or replacement yourself, make sure to nail the shingles properly – not higher than the nail line.

Storm damage restoration technicians in Central Missouri recommend using durable roofing materials that can hold up to hail.

Keep Your Roof Ready for Storms

Storm damage restoration experts will tell you that the roof is the first line of defense f powerful winds. This is why we recommend carrying out a bi-annual inspection of your roof to check for vulnerabilities that could cause major problems during a storm. Hire a roof specialist in Central Missouri to look for damaged or missing tiles, visible leaks, and clogged gutters.

Gutters on the roof are highly effective at preventing floodwater from clogging the roof and causing moisture damage. However, these gutters are prone to getting clogged and need to be cleared every now and then. Clogged gutters will lead to water buildup that could make its way into your roof and cause water damage.

Install Hurricane Shutters

The problem with windows is that they are the weakest link in your home for storm protection. Once the windows are damaged, they allow the strong winds to blow inside the house and completely destroy the interior of the structure.

In some cases, the winds can apply heavy upward pressure to the roof, damaging the house’s structural integrity and making it hazardous for the occupants. Of course, this will lead to water damage and create the risk of fire damage as well.

One solution is to use storm shutters that can keep the strong winds of a hurricane at bay and absorb the damage of flying debris. Storm shutters are specially designed to withstand hurricane damage and are made from aluminum.

Properly Seal the Doors and Windows

As mentioned earlier, once the wind makes its way into your home, it will rip and tear everything in sight! This is why it is important to seal all the exterior doors and windows in your home. This investment is definitely worth your time and money.

Clear the Gutters

Water damage will be a major concern during a storm. This is why it’s important to keep the gutters clear of any debris to help redirect floodwater away from the property. In the same vein, try to install drains, ditches, and other retention areas near your home to keep water flowing away from the general direction of your property.

Use a Sump Pump to Prevent Basement Flooding

Check to see if your sump pump is in working order. It is highly recommended to install a backup sump pump if the old one dies on you when you need it the most. The sump pump can be used to prevent floods in your basement – and prevent water damage in an area prone to it.

Trim the Trees

Powerful storms can uproot trees and heavy branches that may fall on your home, causing major structural damage. These trees and branches can also damage and displace shingles from their position, thereby leaving you undefended from the heavy winds.

Trees can also cause damage to power lines, resulting in power outages that could last for days on end before the weather permits technicians to conduct repair work. Downed power lines can significantly increase the power voltage to your home, causing irreparable damage to your appliances. You can protect your electrical devices with a surge protector.

Also worth noting that you will be responsible for any damage caused by trees from your property. Overgrown trees are a liability – keep them trimmed to minimize your risks.

If your home has been damaged by a storm, call your local 911 Restoration Team in Central Missouri to get you back on your feet.

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