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Can Emergency Board Up Services Help Against Mold

Published by 911 Restoration Central Missouri on January 26, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

 How emergency board-up services can help against mold growth.A large number of companies offer emergency board-up services. These services are required in various situations. Any kind of damage caused by fire, storm, accidents, vandalism, or mold can lead to one or the other kind of destruction.  

Homes and businesses suffer from damage to windows, doors, or their properties’ roofs. It is of utmost importance that you secure your home and business and protect it from damage resulting from human doings or natural elements like floods, rainfalls, and storms.  

To understand how emergency board-up services help against mold, you must first understand how and why mold grows in properties. Below are a few causes of mold growth in homes and commercial buildings and some ways you could stop the growth of mold in your property. 

Moisture: Property owners are most likely to face mold build-ups after natural disasters like rainfalls, floods, and storms. Due to the extra moisture and humidity in the air, the mold finds the perfect environment to grow and thrive. Just like all other living things, mold also needs water and cannot survive without it. Even the slightest bit of dampness can lead to the growth of molds.  

Minor leaks in bathroom pipes under the kitchen sink, which usually go unnoticed by the home dwellers, can start a whole colony of molds. The mold also starts growing inside walls and ceilings where water leaks are often not seen. The mold takes root in these places as water from cracks in water lines, drain pipes, and ventilator pipes, escapes and seeps into the property’s walls and ceilings. In bathrooms, shower cubicles, and shower curtains, where water doesn’t usually completely dry, are also places where mold can begin to grow. 

Food: Living things need food, and so does mold to survive and reproduce. The dust, dirt, and organic materials found in wood panels or walls are great feeding materials for mold. It can feed off anything and everything in your home. The air itself contains spores that are included in the diet of molds. It is almost impossible to remove the food sources for molds, so what needs to be done is to control other elements like humidity for mold to die out. 

Oxygen: Air, just like food, cannot be removed. It is present everywhere and helps in the growth of mold. However, proper ventilation will allow the surfaces to dry out completely, and the moisture will evaporate. This will also curtail mold growth. 

Sunlight: Mold thrives the best in dark and moist places. Sunlight kills mold and destroys it fully. Exposing mold to special lights available in the market that can imitate the sun wavelength can destroy mold up to a point.  

Mold can grow in all different areas of your home or commercial property. Attics are the most common of places where mold can grow unrestrictedly. They are often rarely used, and are dark and damp, which makes it the perfect place for mold to grow. Basements are another great place for the breeding of molds. Basements are warm, moist, and dark too! They are also the home area where most plumbing leaks are found. Another area where mold can thrive is in the kitchen. Kitchens are high in humidity which automatically gives rise to mold growth. 

There are a lot of signs that should ring alarm bells that your home or business property has become infested by mold. Initially, your property will start smelling musty. You will begin to notice strange stains and discolorations. Your walls and wallpapers might start decaying. Your floor, especially under carpets, will slightly change in color, and some places on the floor might even start rising or becoming uneven.  

How Emergency Board Up Services Can Help against Mold

After noticing the signs and symptoms of mold growth in your property, the next step is to call emergency board-up services like 911 Restoration of Central Mississippi. Some mold can be removed by taking a few steps yourself, but if the extent of the mold growth is vast, then the best option is to hire skilled and professional workers to help you remediate the mold completely.  

Emergency board-up services will help you stop the mold from spreading and growing further in your property. Boarding up will also stop other external factors that could increase mold growth in your home. Boarding up windows and doors will stop the outside environment from causing more damage to the inside of your property and also stop the moisture, dust, and dirt from entering inside. Preventing all these external factors from entering your home will significantly reduce mold growth in your property.  

911 Restoration of Central Mississippi 

If your home or commercial property is suffering from mold growth, call 911 Restoration of Central Mississippi at (601) 501-6119 now! 911 Restoration of Central Mississippi will provide the best services there are. 

Our team is expertly trained and IICRC certified to ensure that your home and business are well cared for. Our team can advise and suggest different measures to help you with your mold problem. The 911 Restoration mold remediation team will assist you in identifying all mold growth in your property and do all they can to eradicate it!

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